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High quality paneling systems have been growing in popularity for years. They can be an excellent way to rejuvenate the look of an older building and are a fantastic way to make new buildings look their very best. Innovative paneling systems from the most sought after fabricator in the GTA are available in a stunning array of sizes, shapes, and colours and are easy to install thanks to their pioneering mounting systems. Learning what to look for in a metal wall claddingsystem can help make the decision to purchase a much easier process and will help ensure that only the very best product is chosen.



Metal Paneling Systems


There are a few options out there for anyone looking for a metal wall cladding system. While some fabricators deal strictly with a single material, the most reputable in the industry have offerings made from the most popular cladding metals. Aluminum, steel, and copper are widely considered to be the best options for most applications, and when purchased from an experienced and dependable manufacturer, they can be had in five-hundred colours. The sheer volume of choices makes it easy to find a solution that fits into any existing or planned décor.



Innovative Installation Process


Some metal paneling systems leave much to be desired in terms of installation. The best in the business has developed an innovative installation system that makes the entire process very fast and efficient. Metal panels are fabricated in such a way that they fit together in an elegant tongue and groove type configuration. The ends of each piece are mounted to an aluminum rail, and the tops and bottoms fit snugly to the adjoining panel. Once the rails and trim work are installed, the panels themselves go up incredibly quickly, and easily.





One aspect of any wall cladding option that stands out in terms of importance is the longevity of the product. It can be difficult to gauge the durability of a product without have firsthand knowledge of the product, but there are a few clues that can be used to gain a little insight into the quality of a paneling system. Look for a product backed by a long and comprehensive warranty. It’s a sure-fire way to get a glimpse at how far a company is willing to go to stand behind their products. One of the most popular fabricators in the GTA offers warranties of up to forty years on their products, which speaks volumes about the quality, and therefore longevity, of their products.


If you’re looking for an innovative paneling system for your next project that’s able to add a sense of sophistication and a truly modern feel, you’ll be faced with several options. To understand more about the materials and finishes that would be best suited to the needs of your project, it might be advisable to contact the most dependable metal panel system manufacturer in your area. They’ll be happy to guide you to the products that would perform best under different conditions, and you’ll be left with the product that will look and perform ideally for the unique needs of your project.

Nortem offers the most green and efficient cladding system. Our choice of fully recyclable material for our metal panelling products is based on research and innovation.

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